Clinical Artificial Intelligence

Improve clinical outcomes for patients using advanced AI technologies using AI multi-model approach developed by zMed. The AI model is built into the zMed app and also made available through RESTful APIs

Improve operational efficiency and survival rates in ICUs using zMed AI Solutions for early Sepsis detection and in-patient mortality warning systems.


AI solutions, built on millions of patient data points, for early detection of clinical events, brought to you through REST based APIs.

Sepsis and Mortality


A proprietary, novel deep learning algorithm that has been developed exclusively for early detection of sepsis and mortality condition in critical care patients.
An AI solution, built on 20+ million points of patient data for early detection of Sepsis and Mortality. This solution helps clinicians to monitor, and effectively manage patients with a high risk of sepsis or mortality with real-time analysis and context-sensitive alerts.



Early Detection



Data Intensive

Trained on a database comprising more than 20 million de-identified health-related data points.

Early Diagnosis of Sepsis and Mortality Index

Compared to traditional scoring mechanisms like SIRS, MEWS, NEWS, this AI algorithm has much higher accuracy, with lookaheads of 6, 12 and 18 hours; and 2 days in-patient mortality.


We harness the power of real-time time series data, from the EHR, to virtually compute a unique signature for each patient which captures the variability and crucial fluctuations to give an accurate prediction.

The algorithm adapts itself depending on the availability of features being input (from the choices of - vitals, lab, comorbidities and drugs), and based on the data density to automatically choose the best model and deliver the best prediction.


We surpass the accuracies of traditional scoring mechanisms like SIRS, aSOFA, MEWS, NEWS, TREWScore, and other deep learning based solutions, providing predictions 6, 12 and 18 hours before onset of sepsis (98% ROC, 96% Accuracy).

The AI algorithm predicts 48-hour ICU mortality with a ROC of 98% and accuracy of 95%.